For The Doubter: Objection To The Notion Of Imam In Absolute Silence And Occultation

The Narration Of Occultation(Ghaibah) and Silence of Al Qaim
The Black Banner movement had always used several narration to shows that the Sayed AS is in occultation and no longer in contact with his Ansars, this also goes on to prove that the Facebook account of the Imam is fake. But is this the reality? God willing, lets go through several arguments related to this matter.
Firstly, the following is an example of hadith that is frequently used by those doubters:
في حديث طويل قال فيه بعد أن عدد الأئمة من أهل بيته ثم يغيب عنهم إمامهم ما شاء الله، ويكون له غيبتان إحداهما أطول من الأخرى. ثم التفت إلينا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله فقال رافعا صوته: الحذر إذا فقد الخامس من ولد السابع من ولدي، قال علي: فقلت: يا رسول الله فما تكون هذه الغيبة؟ قال: أصبت (الصمت) حتى يأذن الله له بالخروج
Abdulrahman ibn Abi Layla-Ali(a.s)said:"I was with the Prophet in the house of Um Salama..until he says(a.s):"The messenger of Allah(saw)turned towards me and he said while he raised his voice:"Be aware if the fifth one is missing- from the son of -the seventh of my children.Ali(a.s)said:"O Messenger of Allah,what will be this Gaiba(occultation)?He said: Silence until Allah permits his emergence." Mujam Almawthoo'i li'ahadeeth Imam Al Mahdi p.163 Bihar v.36 p.335

First Objection: Differences in the content of the hadith with the one recorded in primary books
This hadeeth's primary source is in Kefayat AlAthar by Alkhazaz and there is no older Shia book in which this hadeeth is mentioned in. Upon first inspection I looked at the part of hadeeth when Imam Ali pbuh said in page 150 He(Imam Ali pbuh) said: And what about the occultation? Prophet s.a.w.w said: Asbit اصبت until Allah permits his emergence and he will emerge from Yemen, from a village called Kara'a.
Asbit اصبت does not mean silence الصمت.
When you look at the footnotes of the investigator he mentioned two things about Asbit. One he says as where the red arrow points towards that a print mentions "Alsabr" instead of Asbit which means PATIENCE. And the other he says "Yaseer" which means it will happen. There is no mention in this primary source about silence.
The first link Shia library hawzaonline:
Second link from Shia library yasoob:
Third link from Shia library shiaonline library:
Narration from Bihar al Anwar also pointed to the same thing:
So, after analyzing these primary sources, all i can conclude is this hadith is frequently narrated with the word other then "silence". And we cannot forcibly use only one hadith that suit our interpretation while ignoring the rest, keeping in mind that these are much older primary source.
This will ultimately make those who rely on these hadith to determine what kind of occultation Sayed's are in to be invalidated. The word "silence" itself cannot be fully interpreted as "not having contact at all with his Ansar". As may i remind you that the hadith of Ahlul Bayt can be interpreted over 70 meanings. How can they simply justify their opinion with something so allegorical?
حدثنا أحمد بن محمد عن الحسن بن محبوب عن الأحول عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال أنتم أفقه الناس ما عرفتم معاني كلامنا ان كلامنا لينصرف على سبعين وجها
From Abu Abdullah AS: "You are the most knowledgeable among human, you will not know the meaning of our words, verily our words is said upon 70 faces.". [Bashair Al Darajat, Muhammad bin Al Hassan Al Saffar, ms 349]

Second Objection: Allegorical nature of the word Ghaibah (Occultation)
The doubters believed that Ahmed Alhasan is in the total ghaibah with no more contact between him and his helpers. But i found that these argument is so fragile and weak -considering their arguments of "silence has been crushed- for a few reasons as follows:
1. There is no dalil that support that type of occultation, if any, the doubters can post it here. As we all know, Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi AS himself is in occultation, but still he is in contact with his Shia, whether it is in minor or major occultation. To consolidate this argument, please refer to these narration:
{And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice, and
they will not be wronged} [Surah 10:47]
Jabir narrates from Abi Jaa’far (PBUH): Jabir says: I asked him (PBUH) about this verse: {And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice, and they will not be wronged} [Surah 10:47]. He (PBUH) said: (Its inner /esoteric interpretation is that for every century of this nation there shall be a messenger from the family of Muhammad who will come out to them in their century. and they are the preferred ones and they are the messengers. And as for the saying of Allah, {So when their messenger comes it will be judged between them in justice} its meaning is that the messengers judge with justice and they do not oppress/do injustice as Allah said) – Tafsir Al-‘Ayashi, volume 2, page 123. Hadith 23, and Al Majlisi narrated it in Al-Bihar
The above hadith shows that Imam Al Mahdi himself still in contact with his Shia during the minor or major occultation, since the sending of messengers in every century during major occultation can only be done by the Master during that time, Imam Al Mahdi AS. So then, how can they interpret the word Ghaiba as total occultation? This is so unjustified and has no basis of argument. Keeping in mind of the reason Al Yamani is sent, which is to prepare humanity for the arrival of Al Mahdi, it is imperative and obligatory for him to always be in contact with his supporters. Otherwise, it will be a total useless if a messenger cannot send the messages.

Third Objection: Who Will Issue The Call If Sufyani Arises
Its not news for us that nobody knew with detail about the end of time figure, such as Sufyani or Khurasani. This is only known to God and those Chosen by Him. And Al Yamani is not sent but to fight Sufyani, as both of them has been liken/parable to horses in race.
“..يخرج السفياني والمهدي كفرسي رهان،.."
Sheikh Ali Korani in his book narrated the following hadith: “…Al Sufyani and Al Mahdi will emerge like two racing horses, Al Sufyani will lead and so do Al Mahdi. [Mujam Ahadeeth AlImam AlMahdi pg 424;Hadis 943, Na’im Ibnu Hammad]
عن ابي عبد الله ع قال اليماني السفياني كفرسي رهان
Narrated from Ali bin Ahmad, Ubaydullah bin Musa said, from Ibrahim bin Hashim, from Muhammad bin Abi Amir, from Hisham bin Salim, from Abi Abdillah,who said: “Al Yamani and Al Sufyani will be like a two racing horses.” [Ghaybat Al Nu’mani, pg 305]
The emergence of Sufyani on the other hand has been described with such importance that it become a sign to remind ourself of, as the time for battle.
محمد بن يعقوب، عن على بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن صفوان بن يحيى، عن عيص بن القاسم قال سمعت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يقول
إذا كان رجب فاقبلوا على اسم الله، وإن أحببتم أن تتأخروا إلى شعبان فلا ضير، وإن أحببتم أن تصوموا في أهاليكم فلعل ذلك يكون أقوى لكم، وكفاكم بالسفياني علامة
When the month of Rajab dawns, come to the help of Allah. There is no problem if you wish to delay it until the month of Sha`ban. And, it is even better for you, if you wished to keep the fast of Ramadan with your family. If you need any signs, it is sufficient to remind yourselves about the rise of Sufyani. (al-Kafi)
Looking at these kind of hadith, those with a clear mind will know that these circumstances can only be achieved with Sayed is keeping in touch with his supporters. Otherwise how will Sayed announce the Sufyani has appeared and the call to fight him, if he is no longer connected with the Ansars? Lets look at the following hadith:
حديث حذلم أبن بشير مع الإمام زين العابدين (ع) عن المهدي (ع) فقال الإمام (ع) – ثم يخرج السفياني الملعون من الوادي اليابس وهو من ولد عتبة بن أبي سفيان فإذا ظهر السفياني أختفى المهدي (ع) ثم يخرج بعد ذلك
المصدر : غيبة الطوسي ص294 / بحار الانوار ج52 ص291 / الحوائج والجوائح للراوندي ص1149 / معجم أحاديث المهدي (ع) ج1 ص50 / منتخب الأنوار المضيئة ص50 .
روى حذلم بن بشير قال: قلت لعلي بن الحسين: صف لي خروج المهدي وعرفني دلائله وعلاماته فقال: يكون قبل خروجه خروج رجل يقال له عوف السلمي بأرض الجزيرة ويكون مأواه تكريت وقتله بمسجد دمشق ثم يكون خروج شعيب بن صالح من سمرقند ثم يخرج السفياني الملعون من الوادي اليابس، وهو من ولد عتبة بن أبي سفيان، فإذا ظهر السفياني اختفى المهدي ثم يخرج بعد ذلك.ـ *معجم احاديث الامام المهديج3 –ص 176- بحار الانوار ج53-ص 213
Narrated from Hathlam son of Basheer I said to Ali son of Alhussein(a.s)describe to me the emergence of the Mahdi and tell me about its details and signs,he said:"Before his emergence is the emergence of a man his name is Awf AlSilmy in the land of AlJizeera(Iraq),his home will be in Tikreet and his killing will be at the mosque of Damascus and then its the emergence of Shuaib son of Saleh from Samarqand and then the Sufyani the cursed one will emerge from Wadi AlYabees and he is the son of Utba son of Abi Sufyan, if the Sufyani appeared the Mahdi would disappear and then he shall emerge after that" Bihar v.52 p.213
Above hadith clearly shows that when the Sufyani emerged, the Mahdi is already there, and afterwards disappears. Of course the Mahdi needed to be there, as he is the one who can identify and issue the call to fight Sufyani. This is more justified by the following:
 عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام أنه قال:السفياني  لابد منه ، ولا يخرج إلا في رجب ، فقال له رجل: يا أبا عبد الله إذا خرج فما حالنا ؟قال: إذا كان ذلك فإلينا
From Khilad AlSa'eg from Abi Abdullah pbuh said:"AlSufyani there is no escape from him,and he will not emerge except in Rajab.And a man said to him: O Aba Abdullah,if he emerges what is our situation?He said:If it was that,turn to us" Bihar AlAnwar vol.52/249 H135
ٌا سدٌر، ألزم بٌتك وكن اًا ) : حلس من أحلاسه u عن  سدٌر، قال :قال أبو عبد الله
 واسكن ما سكن اللٌل والنهار، فإذا بلغك أن السفٌانً قد خرج فارحل إلٌنا ولو على
From Imam AlSaadeq pbuh he said:"O Sudair remain in your house and be a Hales (dweller who doesn't leave his house)from among the Ahlas(plural of Hales, dwellers who don't leave their houses). And dwell in it,during night and day.And if someone declared that the Sufyani emerged,go to us even if it was on foot."p.303 vol.52 Bihar Al Anwar
 ٌقول( :إذا خرج السفٌانً ٌبعث u وعن  ٌونس بن أبً ٌعفور، قال :سمعت أبا عبد الله
.( شاًا ٌج إلٌنا اًا ش إلٌكم، فإذا كان كذلك فأتونا على كل صعب وذلول ٌ
On the authority of Yunes son of Abi Yafoor from Abi Abdullah(a.s)said:"If the Sufyani emerged, he will send his troops to us and to you,and if that happened,come to us through every easy and difficult path"Dala'el AlImama p.261 Bihar AlAnwar v.52 p.253 H145
 فأتاه كتاب أبً مسلم فقال :لٌس u عن  الفضل الكاتب، قال( :كنت عند أبً عبد الله
 لكتابك جواب اخرج عنا – إلى أن قال – إن الله لا ٌعجل لعجلة العباد، ولإزالة جبل عن
 موضعه أهون من إزالة ملك لم ٌنقض أجله – إلى أن قال – قلت :فما العلامة فٌما بٌننا
 وبٌنك جعلت فداك ؟ قال :لا تبرح الأرض ٌا فضٌل حتى ٌخرج السفٌانً، فإذا خرج
السفٌانً.(  فأجٌبوا إلٌنا – ٌقولها اًا )ثلاث – وهو من المحتوم
AlFathel the writer said: I was with Abi Abdullah pbuh so a book came from Abi Muslim so he said:There isn't for your book an answer that came from us-until he says-Allah will not hasten for the hastiness of the servants. Pegging out a mountain from its place is easier than removing a kingdom that its time hasn't come to an end-until he says-I said: So what is the sign between you and between us may I be your ransom? He said: Don' travel on this earth O Futhail until the Sufyani emerges. If the Sufyani emerges. ANSWER US- ANSWER US ANSWER US.(he said it three times)and its from the inevitable. Wasael AlShia v.15 p.52
"Us" in the mentioned hadith is referring to a man from Ahlulbayt before the emergence of Imam Al Mahdi AS. It's clear here that there is a communication existed between him and the Ansars, otherwise, how will the Ansar go and support him when the time comes?
Oh doubters, can you please tell me, how can Ahmed Alhasan declare who is the Sufyani and the call to fight him if is no longer in communication with his supporters?
If you guys said that he will call through unknown person, such as the 12 man that claimed to meet Imam Al Mahdi, this will be in the contradiction with the text and the tradition of our Imams before, who taught us that a wise person will always appoint his representative in public or in a known matter so that there will be no confusions. This issue is always mentioned when he give example about a ship or factory or company. How can he contradict himself now?

Fourth Objections : Taking Rulings From Al Qaim Before His Rise
We always used the following hadith when we are proving the existence of two Qaim in the time of emergence:
افي: ج 1 ص 371 ح 3 – علي بن محمد رفعه، عن علي بن أبي حمزة، عن أبي بصير قال: قلت لابي عبد الله عليه السلام: جعلت فداك متى الفرج ؟ فقال: – (القائم إمام ابن إمام، يأخذون منه حلالهم وحرامهم قبل قيامه، قلت: أصلحك الله إذا فقد الناس الامام عمن يأخذون ؟ قال: إذا كان ذلك فأحب من كنت تحب وانتظر الفرج فما أسرع ما يأتيك
Ali son of Muhammad Raf'a from Ali son of Abi Hamza from Abi Baser he said: I said to Abi Abdullah pbuh: May I be your ransom when is the Faraj? He said: The Riser is an Imam son of Imam THEY TAKE THE HALAL AND HARAM FROM HIM BEFORE HE RISES. I said: May Allah reform your condition if the people missed their Imam from who do they take?He said: If that happened, love whom you used to love and wait for the Faraj(relief), how fast will it come to you." V.3 P.417 Mujam Ahadeeth AlImam AlMahdy
From the hadith above, there is several argument that rejects the notion of Black Banners
1. The people will – in continuity – taking the rulings from Al Qaim all the way until his rise. It is not mentioned in the above hadith that this will momentarily stop because of his disappearance. The muhkam part of the hadith will not be applicable if this process stop even for a moment before his rise.
2. The next part is quite interesting. The Muhkam part says that, in the event of the Imam disappear, love those who you already loved and so on. Lets look at the statement of Ahmed Alhassan on Nazim Uqaili.
Statement of Ifhaam 2005:
"I ask Allah that Sheikh Nazim AlUqaily, the dear scholar and the advising guardian of the family of Muhammad has been successful in this response to reveal the truth while relying on the book of Allah and the traditions of the generous Prophet Muhammad SAW and his pure Ahlulbayt AS." Ahmad AlHassan Rabiul Awal 1426 Hijrah (2005)
Since the hadith demands that we loved who we already loved when the Imam is gone, then upon us is to respect this statement of Imam, and continue respecting those that he AS respect after his hiding, and please do not act more or a step further then Imam AS. This is unless the Black Banner movement can find a statement from Sayed stating otherwise.

Fifth Objection: Know The Owner Of The Facebook Account Through His Khowledge
These hypocrites always call to the non Ansar to read the book of Sayed so that they can recognize his knowledge. But how unfortunate, when they cannot use the same method to recognize the knowledge coming from the page.
For me, the knowledge that effect me most is about the age of Noah AS, explanation of verse Perfection of religion and other scientific proof that he AS presented. This knowledge cannot be fake, is there any other academician or clerics that can give the same knowledge as what we got from the page? No
 فسأله بعضهم فقال له: يا بن رسول الله بأي شئ تصح الإمامة لمدعيها؟ قال بالنص والدليل، قال له: فدلالة الامام فيما هي؟ قال في العلم واستجابة الدعوة
One of them asked: (Oh son of the Propher ,with what thing can a leadership(Imamate) is verified by those who claiming it? He(as) answred: (With the text and proof.." "..With knowledge and answering questions). [‘Uyoon Akhbar Al Ridha (as), V2, pg 216]
If these knowledge is not from the Infallible, then feel free to object these knowledge. That is the challenge.

Last Objection: Al Qaim Will Be In Contact With His Supporter Through The Internet
During my research, i have come across several interesting hadith. I didn't consider it as the main arguments, nor would i interpret it to fit my desire. Dear readers can judge for himself whether or no the hadith that i will share is a form of magic or it is possible through technology/
في منتخب الأثر[ص483.] عن أبي الربيع الشامي، قال: سمعت أبا عبد الله (ع) يقول: إن قائمنا إذا قام مد الله لشيعتنا في أسماعهم وأبصارهم حتى لا يرون بينهم وبين القائم بريد يكلمهم فيسمعون وينظرون إليه وهو في مكانه. وروى الصافي أيضاً
Aba Abdullah pbuh said: When our Qaem rises, Allah will extend for our Shia their hearing and sight since they do not see between them and between the Qaem. He wants to speak them and so they hear and see him while he is in his place. Muntakhab AlAthar p.483 Bihar Al Anwar v.52 pg.336
Undeniable, these can only happen all the time through the medium of technology that are well known in our time, as miracles dint always happen, unless God wills it.

With these argument, i end my writing with a bear witness that the official page of Imam Ahmed AlHasan is true, and so do the office which is appointed by him. He is always in contact with his Ansars, and there no way to achieve his sent mission unless he does this.
One last challenge is, for the doubters to come up with a fake recording of Sayed Ahmed AS, as they claimed that his voice in the page is fake. I didn't claimed that it's unfakeable, buat his tune and tone of the voice will surely cannot be copied.

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